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Stonepocket has developed a unique educational system simple enough for the entire family to learn about the trees, shrubs, and perennials that grow in Minnesota. “Know What you Grow” is a collection of information about the plants that are hardy to Minnesota. Search for your garden condition and a list of suitable plants will be provided. Create a wish list or print out the data sheets. Our goal is to educate people about the variety, care, and cultural needs of plants that can be grown right here in Minnesota. Stonepocket also takes the time to EDUCATE clients by conducting site visits to the Arboretum, garden centers, suppliers, and local gardens to ensure that we understand your vision. By becoming your ‘personal landscaper’ allows us to build unique landscapes for just you and your family. Every plant that is installed comes with a “Know What You Grow” sheet so you will know how to care for plants, thus protecting your investment.

  • educateCommon Names
  • Botanical Names
  • Color of flowers
  • Mature size of plant
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Historical uses
  • And much more…
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