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Fire in the Backyard Landscpe

Since ancient times people have gathered around fire for warmth, light, cooking food, and gathering with family and friends.  We still have this affinity for the flame and now seek to add fire elements into the backyard landscape.  Here are some options with associated range of costs:

 -Above Ground Wood Burning Fire Ring – $150 – $400 

Most cost effective option and is usually constructed of metal of various designs.  The portability of a fire-ring is its largest benefit, you can move it anywhere.  Our neighborhood takes one down to the pond when we skate.  Wood burning.

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-Wood or Gas Fire Table – $1500-$4000+

Great range in style and functionality.  Constructed of either metal or concrete with stainless steel fire basin surrounded by the table surface.  Table materials are stone, tile, or metal (metal ones can get hot).  For gas options, natural or propane, the basin is filled with glass or stones that are heat resistant.  Sitting around an elevate fire that you can place food or drinks on has become a welcomed addition to outdoor living spaces.  Most often available in gas burning.

-In Ground Fire-Pit – $600-$3500
Style and form vary greatly.  A simple steel fire ring cut into a patio is the simplest and most cost effective method of a in ground fire-pit.  Elevating a wall around the fire-pit with boulders or landscape block protects from people, especially children from falling into pit.  Natural stone surrounds involves a little more work since it usually requires firebrick and masonry work.  These fire-pit are a permanent fixture and most often has surrounding sitting walls to create a fire-pit area.  Available either gas or wood burning.

 -Fireplace Kits – $6500-$10000

Concrete and wall manufactures have created easily assembled kits for contractor to install which saves some money over 100% custom fireplaces.  These kits can be veneered with stucco, pavers, cultured stone or natural stone.  Nice addition to a patio where a focal point in needed and placed where it can be viewed from inside the home.  Usually wood burning.

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-Pizza Ovens – $4500-$7000

Kits are now available for available for pizza ovens also.  Similar to fireplace kit, pizza ovens can be veneered with stucco, pavers, cultured stone or natural stone. Perfect way to cook bread, pizza, and even chicken while enjoying the outdoors.  A friend mine makes the best pizza in his outdoor pizza oven.  Wood burning.

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-Custom Fireplace $8000-$14000+

Masonry work using real stone is a true work of art.  These custom fireplaces are able to complement other architectural elements of the home.  Pergolas can be integrated into the fireplace to complete the ceiling of your outdoor room.  Most often wood burning, but can be done in gas.



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