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Your Personal Landscaper. Stonepocket’s goal is to become your personal landscaper, servicing your every outdoor need from helping you create your vision to enhancing your landscape with furniture, artistic accents, and custom built structures. We view each landscape as a work of art, tailored to meet each individual’s taste in style and function.


The design process begins by conducting an initial site interview to understand your needs, functions, and budget. The completed design will be in full-color and will include all plant information in the form of ‘Know What you Grow’ data sheets.


Stonepocket has developed working relationships with installation companies with quality installation history. Stonepocket over sees all aspects of the installation to ensure the craftsmanship meets both industrial specification and aesthetic requirements.


Adding personal touches to your garden is what makes your landscape unique. Fountains, containers, statues or outdoor furniture and more are all available to enhance your exterior décor. Stonepocket has developed relationships with local artisans and vendors to add unique elements to your landscape.


We have working relationships with horticulturally trained individuals and companies that have an outstanding reputation in our industry. To protect your investment Stonepocket offers maintenance packages to ensure that your landscape continues to thrive. Stonepocket will ensure that there is clear communication on the scope and function of the maintenance crews. Quality, care, and respect are integral for the maintenance of your landscape.


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