Natural Pool

Sometimes I am brought in to correct the errors of others.  Most of the large Tiger Stripe boulders that came from northern Minnesota’s iron range were in place for the water feature that started 3-4 years before I arrived.  The boulders never had water flowing over them during that duration.  I asked a few friends from Lifestyle Creations, a local exacvator, and a mason to help complete this project.  The pond had a leak so a few boulders had to be remove and the pond and waterfalls relined.  Masonry worked under the cantilevered deck was completed, and a natural planting scheme was installed.  The client can now finally enjoy a working water feature in their Chaska, Minnesota backyard.


It is always difficult to come into a situation that other had started.  On this project another contractor did not finish the work for a water feature.


Working as a team, the water feature a now be enjoyed by the family.  The kids especially enjoy the submerged boulder that acts a a bench or a jumping ledge.  Can’t wait to see this project in a few years once all the plants fill in, it will feel like being along the North Shore.