Landscape along the Mississippi

A friend, Coldstone Shorelines & Retaining walls, was doing some shoreline stabilization in Coon Rapids along the Mississippi River and asked me to come over to give the clients some planting ideas.  Four years later I am still helping them with their gardens and landscape area that continue to evolve.  Over the years we have assisted in putting in evergreen screens, consulting on layouts for pool, grilling pavilion, retaining and stone walls, and more gardens.


Each project has it own set of challenges but this property has been fairly straightforward and the clients are wonderful.  I guess the newest challenge now is that the city just put in a new road with all new utilities that took out twelve feet of property that needs to be restored.


Beautiful spot to work at along the Mississippi.

We are now planing on building a stone entry wall and pillars with lights along the road to repair the damage.  Naturalist plantings will flow between the white pines to connect to what the clients call the ‘North Mountain’, an area we created years ago with berms, 4-6 ton boulders, evergreens, and drifts of shrubs and perennials.