Backyard Pergola and Fireplace

Maple Grove project is another one of those special designs and installations that I have been involved with for a number of years.  The clients wanted a outdoor fireplace with an attached pergola off the corner of there home in the backyard.  After many revisions we finally came up with a stone fireplace with a 42″ opening that rises 14 feet into the air, not a small structure.  A curved cedar pergola with tapering support beams resting on stone pillars produced the ceiling of this outdoor room.  The flagstone patio was relayed with tighter joints and a bluestone detail in front of the fireplace added a little artistic touch.

The hillside has been a work in process to add vibrant colors that the clients can enjoy while spending time both indoors and outdoors.  A restored stream run down the slope into a pond with koi and gold fish.  Once in the backyard it does not seem like you are in a suburban development but up in the mountains which is why I call this project Aspen Minnesota.

2014 Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Design Award


Wow were there some challenges to get this project completed from revision after revision to high water table to damaged cedar (pergola was built in Idaho) to too much fabric on the hillside.  All these and others were overcome to create a memorable landscape.


Patience, understanding clients and great contractors was the key to success for this project.  With out all parties working together the amazing results would have never been achieved.  Thank you to everyone involved in this project.