White Walled Gardens in Chanhassen

Wonderful project of Waukesha white stone walls in the front and back yard ties the Chanhassen house with the landscape.   Colorful mix of perennials and annuals brighten the white walls and give clients additional destinations to entertain and relax.


Eroding steep slope in the back yard fell away to a dark forest is all the back yard offered when I first saw the site.  There was no usable space to speak of for sitting or entertaining.

The front yard consisted of a single maple tree in the lawn and overgrown foundation shrubs.  Basically a blank slate.


The goal was to provide clients’ a more usable space in the backyard and make the front yard more inviting.  Large concrete blocks and geo-grid where used to raise the grade.  From there Waukesha White natural stonewalls were built to create raised planting beds.  Walls where laid out to form an oval with three set of steps; to the forest, to the deck stairs, and to the side yard.  Twin pillars anchor each entrance and are the perfect spot for containers full of annuals.

Grey concrete pavers were used for the patio floor and a fountain, center in the patio finished off their beautiful sitting area.

Two Waukesha White walls were added to the front yard; around the maple tree and foundational wall to tie the backyard to the front.  From the front door stepping stones leads to a bench perched on top of the wall.  Thyme, Heuchera, Mugo pines, shasta daisies, and lilies enliven the once drab foundational plantings.  The wall surrounding the maple is now filled with seasonal annuals.