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Rosa ‘Champlain’ October 2017 Know What You Grow


ChamplainRosa Champlain 1

Never thought I would be posting about a rose since they usually require too much fuss and Asian beetles devastate the foliage but Rosa ‘Champlain’ has pleasantly proved me wrong.

Champlain caught my eye in a recent planting since it was still full of red blooms at the end of October.  Anything inMinnesota that time of year that is still in bloom makes our long flowerless winters shorter.  As an added bonus Champlain has pumpkin orange rose hip that form in clusters and are a nickel size in diameter.  Perfect for autumn floral displays.

Maybe it is premature to boast too much about this rose since it has only been on season.  So far I have not see any disease and it’s foliage is still intact so no chewing beetles.  I would hands down recommend this shrub rose that just keeps on giving.  I will have to see if it has an visual appeal in January, stay posted.

Rosa Champlain planting

BOTANICAL NAME  Rosa ‘Champlain’

COMMON NAME  Kordesii Rose

DESCRIPTION  Compact shrub rose that grows to three tall and wide with mildly fragrant, semi-double, cherry red flowers that bloom throughout the summer.  Glossy dark green foliage.  Repeat blooms. Pumpkin orange hips.

FAMILY Rosaceae

HEIGHT  3 feet

WIDTH   3 feet

HABIT Spreading

ZONES  3 to 8

EXPOSURE Full Sun to Partial Shade


BLOOM SEASON  June – September

COMPANION PLANTS Salvia, Coreopsis, Sporobolus heterolepsis, Nepeta

GROWING AND MAINTENANCE TIPS  Water regularly to until established, dead-head to encourage bloom.  Fertilize regularly.  Avoid overhead watering. ‘Champlain’ is noted for its tolerance to partial shade.  Remove dead leaves from around the base of the plant.

NOTES Mass plantings  Very resistant to black spot and powdery mildew.  Part of the Explorer Series from Canada.  Champlain was the 16-17th century French explorer who founded Quebec