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Trillium grandiflorum March 2019 Know What You Grow

Many years ago on my way to Door County in Wisconsin quickly pulled the car over off of highway 57.  My wife, girl friend at the time, ask what the world I was doing.  ‘Look at all the Trillium!  It’s incredible,’ I responded.  There must have been thousand of Large Leaf Trillium in bloom and I just had to walk amongst them.  So now every spring I sneak out this amazing woodland plant characterized by its three petaled snow white flower and its whorl of three deep green leaves.  Witnessing a large colony of Trillium still takes my breath away and brings an innate sense of joy.  I can not wait to walk along with my wife again through woodlands full of this old friend.  We are always wanting to see new colonies so let us know where you like to walk amongst the Trillium.

Trillium Close Up Trillium Field

BOTANICAL NAME  Trillium grandiflorum

COMMON NAME  Great White Trillium, White Wake Robin

DESCRIPTION  Native spring woodland perennial with large white flowers.  Single whorl of three leaves at top of stem has deep veins radiating out from the base.  Three sepal radiate out from under the three white petals.  Stems emerge 8-12 inches from underground rhizomes.  As flowers fad they blush pink before dropping to reveal berry-like capsules that are dispersed by ants.

FAMILY  Melanthiaceae

HEIGHT  18 inches

WIDTH   10 inches

HABIT Upright

ZONES  4 to 8

EXPOSURE Partial Shade to Full Shade



COMPANION PLANTS Hosta, Hakeonechloa, Pulmonaria, Dicentra, Uvalaria grandiflora, Anemone americana, Ferns

GROWING AND MAINTENANCE TIPS  Does best in moist soil organic soils.  Interplant with other shade loving perennials for later season since Trilliums go dormant by summer.  Watch for snails and slugs.  Does not transplant well

NOTES Woodland garden, perennial border.   Common name Wake Robin was giving do to the blooming at the return of Robins in spring.