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Tulipa linifolia February 2018 Know What You Grow

Soon spring will finally arrive in Minnesota after a very long winter.  The warmer and longer days trigger spring flowers to reawaken.  One of my favorite spring flowers are tulips but the dutch hybrid varieties are either dug up before emerging or buds are nipped by deer just as they about to bloom.  Specie tulips that I have been growing for clients for a number of year do not seemed to be bothered by animals and provide early season color to bed border’s.

Tulipa linifolia prefers gravelly gritty soils found in it’s native range of Iran, Uzbekistan, and Turkestan.  This a small tulip, like most specie tulips, but provides a colorful punch to the landscape with it’s scarlet red bowl shaped flowers.  Try planting this bulb or other specie bulbs to enjoy tulips in your landscape.

Tulipa-Liniifolia-Ws Tulipa_linifolia_2008_msi2

BOTANICAL NAME Tulipa linifolia
DESCRIPTION Species tulip blooms mid-late spring with bright red flowers with purple centers. 4-6 inches in height.
FAMILY Liliaceae
HEIGHT 6 inches
WIDTH 6 inches
HABIT Upright
ZONES 4to7
EXPOSURE Full Sun to partial shade
COMPANION PLANTS Geranium, Phlox, Sporobolus heterolepsis, Hemerocalis
GROWING AND MAINTENANCE TIPS Plant in well-drained fertile soils. Plant to a depth of two and a times the height of the bulb.
NOTES Spring interest. Cottage garden. Rock garden.