Poolside Garden

One of my first landscape around a pool was in Minnetonka many years ago.  Everything around the pool had to go; chain-link fence, timber wall, and plants (weeds).  The only items that remained were the concrete pool apron and the pool.  Fieldstone boulders were used to retain the slope that was planted with a combination of trees, shrubs, evergreens, and perennials to give the site a more natural presence.  White arbor frame by two birch tree provided access to the garden and fire-pit area.


Removal of so much debris took time and a lot of effort.  By the time the demolition was complete the site was completely bare since there were no original plants worth saving.

Drainage between the concrete pool deck and the fieldstone wall needed to be address so water would not collect in the lawn.


Eventually, with a lot of help, the site was cleared.  Even had to battle ground nesting bees.

Creation of a natural site is challenging but very rewarding and now as the site is over 10 years old I could not be more pleased with the results.

Drainage was corrected by creating a slight swale between the concrete pool deck and the boulder wall.  The swale moves the water to drainage creekbed which then takes the water to natural area in the front yard.