Hands-on Service

Stonepocket’s goal is to become your personal landscaper for your property, servicing your every outdoor need. To begin, we’ll start with helping to design your creative vision, whether it includes installing patios and pergolas, landscaping gardens, or crafting the  finishing touches of lighting, furniture and art. We will be your partner every step of the way. We consider every landscape to be a work of art that we tailor to meet each individual client’s style and aesthetic.


The process begins with an on-site visit with a landscape designer: together, we’ll walk your property to discuss your ideas. Active listening is one of the most important tools we use to create successful designs. We want to grasp the inherent natural resources of your land, from the deciduous maple forest that turns a brilliant orange and yellow in the fall to rich loamy soil. Or perhaps your garden is inspired by the scent of a peony that was at Grandma’s farm.

After we take what you consider to the assets of your property, we’ll take an honest look at its challenges. These are equally important––from downspouts that drain on sidewalks, causing slick conditions in winter, to drainage issues that stem from clay soil. Or maybe the issue is simply that neighbor with all of the junk. Whether positive or negative, each item that is shared during this initial visit becomes crucial to producing a design that works  for this the use of professional landscapers is a great option for this, and you can go online and find more about York County Landscapers at their site.

During this listening session, we hope you’ll share your ‘must haves,’ ‘would be nice’ and ‘only if’ dreams. Do you want an open lawn where toddlers can tumble and play, with the option to install a pool as they grow older? Drainage problem could be solved by simple piping, or could be created by planting a stream bed with native plants that provide a natural habitat. You could build a simple patio now that might later become an outdoor entertainment area complete with pergola and fireplace. We want to know all of your ideas and wishes.

Stone Garden Landscape


Do you wish to create a modern landscape with clean lines, sharp angles, and minimal plant diversity? Or do you want to focus on the season, with natural curvilinear beds featuring a seasonal display of colors? Perhaps your inspiration comes from Asia: picture a Japanese garden shaded by one of the new hardy Japanese Maples, all set around a reflecting pond. Once we determine the desired style of the landscape, we will discuss how best to integrate it with your home by selecting appropriate and complementary materials.

Steel Ball Landscape Sculpture Teak Outdoor Landscape Furniture Stone Wall with Moss Terra-cotta Landscape Pot


When choosing materials, the best method is not to source vendor product catalogs but rather to visit supply yards, nurseries and completed installations. Walking on stone in bare feet to make sure it’s not too rough for a poolside patio, visiting the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum to scope the size and form of mature plants, or talking to past Stonepocket clients in a landscapes that we’ve carefully designed and installed: these are simply a few examples of the extra steps we take to ensure your vision is fully realized. Unique artistic landscapes are what we provide: we understand that there are no two projects exactly alike.


I have watched babies take first steps on lawns we’ve designed, curious about the new texture of the grass. I’ve seen toddlers kicking soccer balls, and school-age kids exploring the woodlands on the hunt for a buried treasure. It’s been wonderful to witness teenagers sitting around fire pits we’ve crafted, as they gossip under the watchful eyes of parents. All along, I have been fortunate to watch my client’s families grow and change along with the landscapes where they live.

I am pleased that our landscapes have been the backdrop for quiet morning moments between married couples; countless games of baseball, football, soccer, and tag; the joy of blowing bubbles in the wind, as kids try to pop them before they fall back to earth; generational family gatherings where storytellers share memories; birthday parties full of laughter and joy; and neighbors gathered around roasting marshmallows for s’mores. It has been a great comfort the know that we have been able to create so many places that harbor so many memories. Thank you letting Stonepocket into your lives.

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