Landscape Installation

Creativity, craftsmanship, and quality are the principles on which we pride ourselves: they inform and inspire our work on every single project. From the very moment when we begin your project to the instant that the last truck pulls away, our teams remain respectful and courteous of your home and property. All crew members will appear in clean and tidy Stonepocket wear, use respectful language, and keep a clean job site at all times. Stonepocket implements a no smoking policy that forbids crew members from smoking on or in close proximity to the site. A high code of ethics is required from everyone that comes onto your property: after all, we are your guests.

Over the years we have learned that it is hard to achieve expert level at every aspect of craft, technical skill and artistry that goes into a creating landscape. This includes grading, drainage, paver driveways, pools, pool deck replacement, dry-stone masonry, gas lines, low voltage lighting, stone patios, plant selection, carpentry and other areas of tradecraft. When we encounter a project that requires expertise outside our skill areas, we bring in the best local tradesman/woman available to ensure that your project is done to our standard of excellence.

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Our stonework for patios and walkways speaks for itself. We begin with high-quality material from reliable vendors and install with care and precision, with no wide gaps or filler stones. Essentially, the stonework that Stonepocket installs is a work of art on its own. While there are many techniques to build a stone wall, we prefer the craft of dry stone walling to create artistic stone creations. We work with two Level 2 Dry Stone Walling Association stonemasons to help us achieve the beauty and functionality of stone walls.

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Paver work is not installed equally. Here at Stonepocket, we follow ICPI guidelines for the installation of concrete pavers and walls. All paver installations are completed with a woven geogrid that stabilizes that sub-base, which is especially important on soils with higher clay content. All joints are no larger than a quarter-inch, and polymeric sand is swept and compacted into all joints to bind pavers together; this helps prevent weeds and ants from entering the cracks. Pavers are restrained with a steel edging that is welded on-site. Walls follow manufacturer’s installation specifications and all walls over three and a half feet are engineered and contain geo-grid.

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When creating your vision for your property, the stage I most enjoy is the selection of plants and arranging them on-site, you can see the flowers options of flowers that we have available in By sourcing from local growers and nurseries throughout the country, we can create a brilliant tapestry of form, texture and color that will carry the landscape through every season. Species tulips and pasque flowers first bloom in mid-April, giving way to flowers like salvia, geraniums, and peonies that bloom in May and June. Summer brings lush Hydrangea and Veronica, and in the late summer season you’ll find asters, coneflowers and grasses taking center stage. As the temperature drops and the hush of winter descends, fragrant winter evergreens and bright winterberries close the year. All plants are guaranteed to last through the first season’s winter; anything that does not survive will be replaced by the following June.

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