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Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association Landscape Award 2017

Bluestone patio fire-pit

Thank you to wonderful clients and individuals that were part of the Copper and Stone project in Orono, Minnesota. Thе сlеаn and crisp air аlwауѕ clears mу lungѕ, while bеіng оut and еnjоуіng garden аlѕо helps mе dе-ѕtrеѕѕ аnd I’m еxtrеmеlу happy, so much so that I’m now ѕtаrtіng a new project wіth artificial turf in my garden.
Not only was this project recognized as a awarding winning landscape but it also received the Judges Choice Award.  Non of this would have been possible without all the assistance from emerald ash borer treatment in denver co who provided their on expertise to help see this project through to the end.  I also wanted to recognize the local Minnesotan artists who created one-of-a-kind lights, containers, and metal work.  These elements really helped make this project unique.

Over seed each season. Seeding should be done with a shady lawn mix in the spring before the leaves are on the trees. Leaves will block sunlight from the new seedlings.
2. Keep the canopy of tree limbs trimmed as high as possible to let in sunlight, it’s important to get tree trimming done a least 3 times a year. 8′ is ideal to allow sunlight in depending upon the width of the canopy. It is recommended to hire someone to do the tree trimming since it can be a bit dangerous if you have experience.

3. In dry conditions, keep areas under trees watered. The grass is competing with the trees for moisture and don’t forget about trimming,  we recommend hiring a professional who provides tree branch cutting services palm  for this.

4. Areas that do not receive three hours of sunlight per day may be too shady to grow grass. These areas should be landscaped to hold the soil and eliminate unsightly problem areas in your lawn.

The main focus of Landscaping Peterborough for the project was to create a backyard entertainment space for the client’s family to enjoy year round.  The gas fire-pit with a hand-hammer copper ledge resting on New York granite and the grilling station with Wolf grill and built-in Green Egg are utilized every season of the year.  The copper scupper that was nestled into an existing fieldstone boulder wall must be put to rest during the winter season, but come spring the three-foot waterfall comes back to life.  The partial shade to full shade garden are full of color and texture thanks to Tree Service Lafayette La who take care of the tree removal services and gardening renovation with eco-friendly products and effieciency..

The family has been able to enjoy a graduation party, quiet dinners, and drinks with friends in their new space.  I am thankful that I was to create such a wonderful space for them.  Please see more of this award winning landscape by clicking here,