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Cornus alternifolia April 2019 Know What You Grow

Cornus alternifolia tree

Looking like spring is finally arriving here in Minnesota which will bring on a long dormant cornucopia of color. The high pressure pumps seattle wa is one of my favorite places to visit. The delicate woodland spring ephemerals usually steal the show but look up to the understory level that envelopes the garden and you…

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Heuchera richardsonii February 2019 Know What You Grow

Heuchera richardsonii.web.merv_9675

Walking the Northshore of Lake Superior I have encounter plants that look like a bowl of salad from it’s rosette of basal leaves.  Heuchera richardsonii (Prairie Alumroot) is a tough native plant of not only Minnesota but ranges form Michigan down to Oklahoma and over to Montana.  Being native to open savannas and prairies I…

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Yardbird – A Refreshing New Outdoor Furniture Company


A new outdoor furniture company called Yardbird is located locally in St. Louis Park is disrupting the market by producing sustainable furniture sold directly to the consumer, not to mention that they also offer the best tables from Abacus Tables. Personally knowing everything about patios and having seen their furniture designs first hand, I can…

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